Main Attractions near Aparthotel MonteHabana

National Aquarium

National Acuarium EntranceScientist center specialized in the investigation, the environmental education and the popularization of the marine means, their flora, fauna and ecology. Their main objective is to elevate the culture and the education about the care, conservation and rational use of the sea, the costs and its resources.

It arose in the year 1960 in a house of Miramar, starting from the small group of specialists that worked in that house and national institutions that would assume functions as regards marine investigations, it was then as main objective to give life to what would be, and it is today, the NATIONAL AQUARIUM, opening their doors January 23 1960.

Karl Marx Theater

Karl Marx TheaterConsidered the Theater of the Big Events of Cuba, old Blanquita Theater, renowned Karl Marx after the revolution of the 59. Headquarters in Street 1ra and 10ma, Miramar, Havana City, Their room is of big proportions, with capacity it stops more than 5500 armchairs.

It is habitually used for big shows, where national and international varieties are included. It is also used for the celebration of big concerts of national and international artists, minstrels like Carlos Varela her, Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanes, among other, they have happened over there.

TrompoLoco Circus

Carpa Trompoloco - Flight Bird

Located in 5ta Avenue and street 112 of the Allotment Miramar it was erected in the 2007, it is today the Permanent Headquarters of the National Circus of Cuba, even so young already bill with presentations of great acceptance among all the ages like it is it the difficult and dangerous "Flight Bird" or double Trapeze, a circus act that for more than one decade it was not executed in Cuba, an "Artist's History", makes that complicated number executed by the youths of the Company Havana that opens the show of the National Circus of Cuba in the hint Trompoloco to reborn. Among thousands of circuses that at the moment work in the world, only eight, counting the Cuban, they execute today the "Flight Bird".

Ministerio del Interior Museum

The Museum was inaugurated March of 1989, 26 in the anniversary 30 of the foundation of the Security of the State, and at the beginning alone the was exposed with respect to that organ. In 1991, with reason of the anniversary 30 of the MININT, the facilities of the Museum were enlarged to incorporate the activities of the rest of the forces that integrate the organism.

Located at two homes, the institution also has a Center of Documentation and Library, with more than 1 100 securities of general and specialized literature. The content of its rooms is linked to the Battle of Ideas.

Their fundamental mission is to preserve, to conserve and to promote the documental patrimony about the participation of the combatants of the MININT, next to the town, in the confrontation to the enemy activity and the transgression of the interior order in the country, showing to the visitor unpublished securities, objects and busy means.

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